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My art is an eclectic blend of everything I love about art & life. I savor experimenting, studying, discovering new ideas & applying this to my images. I utilize a wide variety of textures, shapes, styles & techniques and intertwine them, to challenge the image to become more, & show the world what's hidden just beneath the surface.


The freedom in art is unrivaled. Feelings, passions, and dreams can go into one image. I’m given the privilege to express myself without boundaries or limitations. Art tells the internal workings and struggles of the person, the times, or their surroundings.


For the last decade, I have been faced with a challenging season in my life, one that brought to my attention the significance of what it truly means to live with an "invisible illness".  While I create various works, the direction of some pieces has a more personal story.


It has become a passionate & personal way for me to cope, communicate & advocate. My hope is to open up conversations & bring awareness not just to the struggle & truth of living with something that can't be seen. But also, to the beauty, strength & resilience to be found when life changes course & takes you down a different path. To view these works, click here.

Paws With A Cause
Looking for a worthy cause for animals? Paws With A Cause's mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities nationally with custom-trained Assistance Dogs. You can read about their history and what they do, their mission, and the many ways to support them, and check out their blog as well and see what everyone has been up to!


Grace upon Grace Project
Dignity. What does that word mean to you? Grace upon Grace believes women and young girls all deserve to live with grace and dignity. This organization helps to provide under-served women in their community with access to diapers and wipes and period products. What touches me the most is their efforts in helping young girls get the products they need to stay in school and ending the stigma around menstruation.

CRPS Warriors Foundation
Their mission is to support the care and well-being of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) patients and their families through education, financial assistance, programs, resources, and research. They also offer an amazing opportunity if you are in need of financial support relating to medical costs due to CRPS. 
Click here to check out their Scholarship information and request form.

You Version
Personal fan & user of You Version, myself and my family use the app on our phones all the time. Upon further exploration, my daughter came across one of their missions. The Bible for Everyone. Their goal is to translate the bible into every language by 2033. I am excited to see such a project, you can check out more on their mission here

Tourette Association of America-Wisconsin Chapter
Volunteer-led & nonprofit, the Wisconsin chapter is committed to raising awareness, & social acceptance, educating professionals, & providing amazing resources. The resources they provide are some of the best I have ever seen, tools for children, caregivers, parents, educators, & law enforcement, assistance with finding a provider, webinars, tools for emerging adults, etc...Again, an amazing resource & amazing organization to support. 

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